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CREST Services


CREST utilizes a collaborative model when implementing research and evaluation processes across educational and human service related programs. This partnership can occur through the entirety of the research and evaluation process or on an “as needed” (i.e., a la carte) consultative basis.  As part of the Institute for the Science of Teaching and Learning (ISTL) and the Arizona State University (ASU) community, CREST is equipped with a multitude of resources and technology to assist in the research and evaluation services delivered to clients. 

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Research and Evaluation Process

CREST has the capacity to begin the collaboration process during a grant proposal development, continuing this collaboration through the end of the grant. The various states of the research and development process are captured through the following support services offered by CREST: Development of evaluation plans, data collection, data analysis, and dissemination. CREST provides feedback on program implementation on a continual basis and works with stakeholders to examine appropriate outcome measures for program participants.

The following services are offered for research and/or evaluation grants:




  • Identify research/evaluation questions
  • Develop research/evaluation goals and objectives
  • Write evaluation sections of grant proposals*
  • Customize research design
  • Alignment of evaluation with program goals

Data Collection

  • Needs assessment
  • Survey design and administration
  • Focus groups, observational data, case studies, interviews
  • Data cleaning
  • Database management

Data Analysis

  • Quantitative statistical analyses
  • Qualitative data analyses
  • Mixed method approaches


  • Evaluation reports
  • Manuscripts
  • Results sections of reports
  • Presentations

*Grant writing services for sections of a grant will only be provided with the expectation that CREST will be awarded the evaluation contract if the proposal is funded.  

Consultation Services

We are available to provide fee based customized services for each unique evaluation and/or research need of our clients in the following phases of the research and evaluation process. 

CREST provides technical assistance, consultation, and support in the following areas:


  • Evaluation design
  • Determining comparison methods utilizing What Works Clearinghouse recommendations
  • Development of a Logic Model
  • IRB application

Instrument Design

  • Survey design
  • Focus group and interview protocol
  • Needs assessment and gap analysis
  • Database Creation

Statistical Support

  • Survey validation and item analysis
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Comparison group matching
  • Statistical modeling
  • Creation of RCT protocols

Training and Workshop

  • Developing a Data Collection Plan
  • Basic Statistics
  • Creating Logic Models
  • Survey Development