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Scotty Craig

Craig is an Associate Professor in the Human Systems Engineering Program within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU. His goal is to provide cutting-edge research at the intersection of human cognition, technology, and the learning sciences which provides solutions to real-world problems within education and training. His current research focuses on improving learning with higher-level cognition factors such as comprehension, discourse, and cognitive-affective states through the use of virtual humans within technological environments. Education: Ph.D., Experimental Psychology (Cognitive), The University of Memphis.



ADL Members

Lloyd Brown

Lloyd Brown

Research interests: domain expertise in military and federal network integration, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, data and services, operations and information assurance, and command and control

Michelene Chi

Michelene T.H. Chi​

Research interests: active learning, instructional videos with tutorial dialogues as opposed to didactic monologue videos, students’ learning of concepts in STEM domains, in particular, “emergent” concepts

Nancy Dallett

Nancy Dallett

Research interests: preservation of and exhibits for national monuments, historical and resource studies, museum planning



Hasan Davulcu

Research interests: data mining, web and text mining, data cleaning and information extraction, workflows and semantic web services, database systems

Ian Douglas

Research interests: systems design, particularly educational systems design – how we integrate processes, methods, and technology to optimize educational outcomes

Sharon Hsiao

Research interests: visual analytics, educational data mining, interactive educational system design, adaptive learning technology



Thomas J. Kull

Research interests: behavioral issues in operations and supply management, supply chain risk management

Danielle McNamara

Danielle McNamara

Research interests: educational technology, cognitive science, learning analytics, game-based learning, linguistics, natural language processing, strategy learning, knowledge acquisition, reading comprehension, writing

Mary Niemczyk

Research interests: learning cognition, attention, self-regulation, instructional design, educational evaluation and assessment, generational differences - millennial generation



Lieutenant Colonel Padbury

Lieutenant Colonel Padbury

Misson: Educate and train cadets who will ultimately commission as officers to serve in the Air Force in a variety of career fields.

Pete Palmer

Research interests: intelligence analysis, government intelligence, operational planning, and organizational leadership, human dimension cognitive science

Rod Roscoe

Research interests: educational technology, self-regulated learning, peer learning, writing instruction, STEM instruction, natural language processing



Daniel Rothenberg

Research interests: rule of law and human rights projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Africa and Latin America, train human rights NGOs, aid indigenous peoples in using international legal remedies, support gender justice, collect and analyze first-person narratives from victims of atrocities

Wilhelmina C. Savenye

Research interests: instructional design and evaluation of technology-based, online learning systems.





Sohum Sohoni

Research interests: engineering education research, computer science education research, discipline-based education research, learning technology, collaboration in engineering class projects





Kurt VanLehn

Research interests: intelligent tutoring systems, adaptive educational technology, classroom orchestration systems, model-based science instruction



Mark Von Hagen

Mark Von Hagen

Research interests: Slavic, East European, Eurasian and Russian studies, historiography, civil-military relations, nationality politics, minority history, cultural history



Erin Walker

Research interests: engineering education research, computer science education research, discipline-based education research, learning technology, collaboration in engineering class projects



Ruth Wylie

Research interests: interdisciplinary, translational research that leverages knowledge and insights from theory and laboratory studies to answer real-world problems. Design, development, and implementation of educational technology for students and teachers in middle schools, high schools, and universities